Artist Statement


The first time the pleasure of painting spilled out of the studio into my real life - when I noticed the light shining through a red onion skin glowing like stained glass – I was hooked.

It was then I realized that, beyond the immediate pleasure of pushing paint around a canvas, I had been practicing a more sustaining joy of appreciating what is under my nose every day.

Chopping an onion has never been the same since.

Red Onions, Center Stage | oil | 20x16" | SOLD

Red Onions, Center Stage | oil | 20x16" | SOLD


My recent drawings and paintings have focused on how we in the West are coping with an abundance of cheap, convenience foods.

How the manipulation of color and texture can set our mouths watering and make us reach out our hands...even if we know we shouldn't.

Larger than life charcoal and pastel drawings elevate my trash to monumental status in the "Carbon Footprints" series; a catalog of half eaten left overs, discarded packaging and waste.

Irresistible Joy | oil | 5x5" | SOLD