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Seeing Spots at CWOW

Metro 29 at cWOW

lots of good paintings, interesting sculptures and intriguing collages at Metro 29 - City Without Walls, Newark NJ. And lots of sales from the opening night too.

But what do you know? I just managed to squeeze 2 photos out of a dying battery, only to find that the spare was dead as well. So I only have this delicate cut paper collage by Patricia Ritchie to share with you. If you want to see the rest, well you'll just have to hop in the car...or wait till I get back there with a fully operational camera.

Now, where did I put that charger?

Blue Table : paper collage by Patricia Ritchie

November 30th – February 16th, 2013 29th Annual Metro Show City Without Walls 6 Crawford Street Newark, NJ 07102