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off to a new home : a glimpe at the summer art sales

All of these paintings and drawings found a new home this summer. I am so glad they are out in the world and brightening someone's day.

It also means I have space to paint some more!

First Fall Art Show this Sunday, Livingston NJ

As it was cold enough this morning for my heating to kick in, it seems the sun has finally set on summer. Sunglasses, scarf, gloves and coat required to walk the dog means it is most definitely fall.

And the Fall Art Shows are beginning this Sunday at the Livingston Oval in NJ. The show will co-inside with a town-wide picnic in celebration of Livingston's Bicentennial, so it should be a fun day.

Oh dear... there appear to be 5 shows looming in my calendar in the next month - must get cracking!

Time to put away my strappy sandals and pull on some work boots


Sunday, September 22nd 11-5pm Art at the Oval Town Green Robert H. Harp Drive Livingston, NJ


2014 : Indecently Early Bird Special 30% off 2014 calendars

cute wee desk calendar for 2014

Well my summer vacation is nearly over, so this is the last chance for you to grab 2014 at 30% discount. The secret discount pages will disappear September 14th - just before the Fall & Holiday Art Fair season begins

I may be hanging out at the beach right now, paddling with the dog and sipping wine as the sun sets over the bay, but the shop is still open...and I do love the smell of Paypal in the morning!

If you are having trouble playing with the online shopping cart, just drop me an email with what you need ~ I can do low-tech too.

Shop The Indecently Early Bird Special Event now! ends September 14th

 When I get back from the seaside I shall be adding them to the Etsy shop at full price - but for now they are all yours - so catch them whilst you can Early Birdies!


pssst - free worldwide shipping for 2 weeks only!

elegant wall calendat for 2014

Take an Small Art Break in Brooklyn

Can't make it to Brooklyn? - Grab yourself something tall and cool and enjoy some of my favorites at the Small Works show at Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

[gallery link="file"]

July 26th – August 9th 2013

Visitor Information Address: 168 7th Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11215 Hours: Monday through Friday, 11AM – 6PM, Saturdays by appointment Website:

Like what you see? Check out their websites Rachel Sharp Marcy Sperry Stacey Holloway Michael Aurbach Nimer Aleck

Thank You - Thank you - THANK YOU!

Star Spangled Splurge : oil painting : 24x18"

I collected my painting from the show this week and apparently it proved "very popular" the show organizer said with an appreciative nod. Alas, I didn't collect the People's Choice Award this year, but the judges deemed this to be a jolly good painting, so I did come home with a nice fat check for the Award of Merit - RESULT!

I think I shall put some of the money into making some large glossy postcards of the painting. I would love to send you one as a Thank You for your support - drop me a line at - -  I will need an actual snail mail address to send it to you

Cheers m'dears!

Help me Win $500!

This is a quick reminder that you can still vote for the Peoples Choice Award at the Celebration show and help me win $500. You don't have to register or give away personal info, just click the link and choose your favorite painting...hopefully your favorite is the stack of gooey chocolatey doughnuts Thank you to all you stars who have voted so far! If you haven't Please Vote Now

Star Spangled Splurge : oil painting : 24x18"

See the show in the flesh until June 29th

Celebration RSI Bank 1500 Irving Street Rahway, NJ 07065

Olympic Size Clean-Up

It's a delicious irony that the athletic prowess on display in London this fortnight has inspired me to sit on the sofa for 2 weeks, glued to the TV. I am now afloat with all the tea and biscuits. All that idle hand time means I now have super clean brushes, so normal art service should resume soon And speaking of delicious irony, check out this amazing paper sculpture from Yuken Teruya. There are more photos and paper sculptures on the website,  so click the link and take a mini Art Break

Notice-Forest: What Victory Tastes Like/ London

Yuken Teruya Notice-Forest: What Victory Tastes Like/ London

McDonald’s paper bag, glue

4.75 x 7 x 11.5 in. (12.1 x 17.8 x 29.2 cm)

Which Calendar is your Favorite?

In case you missed the newsletter this month, this is a heads-up that the 2013 desk calendars are here and shipping now! AND they are at 30% discount until August 25th  

12 tasty treast for 2013
12 tasty treast for 2013

click here to see all 12 tasty treats

2013 mini desk calendar
2013 mini desk calendar

If you are still tickling your taste buds with the 2012 calendar, you can just get a top up and reuse your easel next year

So which is your Favorite? do you love the cute, artsy wooden easel best?

2013 mini desk calendar
2013 mini desk calendar

Or prefer the simple minimalist plastic easel?

mini desk calendar 2013 on sale
mini desk calendar 2013 on sale

I need your help!

Last year I had several inquiries for wall calendars - I guess not every office is cut out for a cute mini desk calendar! So this year I will also be selling 8.5x11" wall calendars. But I need your help. I'm finding it really hard to guess the potential interest in this new project - should I order 50 or 500?

So for the next month you can pre-order wall calendars at the discount price of $10. Not only will you get a fantastic deal, but you will also be helping me to finance the first print run.

mmmmmmm new Tasty Wall Calendar for 2013

Click here to see all 12 images included

Please feel free to forward this offer to as many friends as you think may be interested. The deal is good until August 15th and I will ship your calendars August 31st - (worldwide shipping included in the price)

Not your Granny's Lace Curtains

By far my favorite window this year - three lacy layers of cut paper creates a magical winter wonderland at Sephora 5th Ave NYC created by artist Andrea Mastrovito - see more images at Foley Gallery including one of the whole gorgeous facade

597 5th Avenue New York, NY 10017 Cross-Streets: On 5th Avenue, between East 48th & 49th Streets

sephora - NYC Christmas Windows

sephora - NYC Christmas Windows

sephora - NYC Christmas Windows

sephora - NYC Christmas Windows