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Chardonnay Cluster - new small oil painting

Chardonnay Cluster | oil painting | 7x5"

I realized that although I have painted a lot of red grapes recently, I have never tried to paint green grapes. This is almost certainly because I rarely eat them, and they are not hanging out in the fruit bowl waiting to be admired and inspirational.

So this will be the first of a few green grape studies...are they green or white grapes?

Buy this painting on Etsy >>>

Do you stir early or late?

Morning Stir : oil : 9x12"

With this painting, I wanted to capture that time of the day when all you can focus on is the hot cup in front of you, its aroma gently rousing your brain to bring the rest of the world into focus.

Sometimes that time of day is 6am...sometimes it is noon...and at this time of the year especially, it sometimes involves a pounding headache and a bit of a delicate stomach.

Original Painting for Sale on Etsy


fig.1 | oil painting | 8x8"   SOLD

I was trying to catch the exquisite pleasure of munching fresh figs - a fairly recent discovery for me. A Christmas packet of squashed-together-figs and a barge of dried dates were always knocking around the fruit bowl well into the New Year, when all the satsumas were long gone. But they were the dried-up golden variety.

Nothing wrong with them. Quite like them in fact. But it was a while before I realized that figs are not flat and wizened and all about those crunchy seeds

Not a hint of the honeyed, moist flesh of the fresh ones; the joy of soft, fuzzy skin yielding to plump, rosy...

a-hem ... excuse me, I must just go and eat a fig...

PS - this one sold before it was even finished, let alone dry! But you can still buy a print on Etsy - free US shipping

Look out for fig.2...coming soon

Last Weekend to go B.A.N.G.

Sugar Snare : oil : 5x7"

Last chance to pick up some great art gifts this weekend...and maybe something delicious for yourself!

I will be helping to drink the mulled cider on Saturday 11-5pm, so stop by and give me a hand with the cookies

Saturday & Sunday, 14th & 15th 2013

11-5pm B.A.N.G. VIII 1978 Maplewood Arts Center 1978 Springfield Avenue Maplewood, NJ 07040

cWOW : Small Works in Newark NJ

Got Sushi? oil : 8x8"

Got Sushi? has been chosen for this year's Metro show at City Without Walls in Newark, NJ This small works show will be in Newark until March and then it is off on its travels around NJ in 2014.

December 12th 2013 - March 8th 2014 Opening Preview : December 12th 6-8pm Metro 30 cWOW City Without Walls 6 Crawford Street Newark, NJ

B.A.N.G. Viii - small works show and sale

Wine Dark : oil : 8x8"

B.A.N.G VIII opens tonight and there is a 10% discount for Members tonight only (new memberships accepted on the door!)

So are you looking for a unique splurge gift for your sweetie? Or something to stuff a stocking? Or a delighting thank you gift for your gracious hostess this year?

BANG has drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture, ceramics, lots of jewelry, striped sock toys, metal ornaments, note cards, calendars - hey we could be your one stop shop this year! So come on by for some hot mulled cider and a cookie or two, and squeeze a little Art Break in your busy Christmas schedule.

B.A.N.G VIII : preview this Friday December 6th 7-9pm 10% Discount for Members on Friday night only

Saturday & Sunday December 7 & 8th, 14th & 15th 2013

11-5pm B.A.N.G. VIII 1978 Maplewood Arts Center 1978 Springfield Avenue Maplewood, NJ 07040

Are you sure the paint is dry?

Strawberry Crescent : oil on paper : 12x9"    SOLD

The paint on this wee still life study barely had time to dry before it was whisked away to a new home last Sunday. Would that the day had been slightly drier also!

A big "Thank you" to all who braved the elements- not so much the glorious fall sunshine as promised, but more the persistently moist mists of autumn. I think all my upcoming shows are indoors from now on!

Not Mushroom in Here - so stop by early!

Baby Bella mushrooms still life oil painting 8x8"

Unlike yesterday, today we will have A/C, fresh ice from the freezer and I can at least get a caffeine fix on a regular basis with Dunkin Donuts just across the road. Might have to indulge in a doughnut or two throughout the day. Stop by 1978 Gallery today to see 6 splendid local artists doing their thing.

I love Joy Yagid's new amazing owl photos...and she has a very scary wall of eyes!

Joy Yagid at 1978 Gallery 2013
Joy Yagid at 1978 Gallery 2013

Florence Wint's wall is joyful, with crazy color, sparkles and fun.

Florence Wint at 1978 Gallery 2013
Florence Wint at 1978 Gallery 2013

Evelyn Graves' jazz inspired collages are so cool you can hear the music in her pictures.

Evelyn Graves at 1978 Gallery 2013
Evelyn Graves at 1978 Gallery 2013

Luis Alves collages may be thought provoking, but they usually make me smile whilst my ideas of fashion and beauty are being gently tweaked and tested.

Luis Alves Collage at 1978 Arts Center 2013
Luis Alves Collage at 1978 Arts Center 2013

I haven't seen Allan Wood's new work yet, but he always has some very interesting photographs. I particularly like the more abstract quality of some of his landscapes and close-up shots of nature - stay tuned to Facebook for some updated pics

Me? Well I was only half way set-up on Friday, so come by today to see the finishing touches

Jo Bradney oil paintings at 1978 Gallery 2013
Jo Bradney oil paintings at 1978 Gallery 2013

Sunday, June 2nd, 11-5pm South Orange Maplewood Studio Tour 1978 Arts Center, 1978 Springfield Ave, Maplewood, NJ