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Broken Coke Glass charcoal still life drawing (Carbon Footprints #21)

Charcoal Drawing Broken Coke Glass
Charcoal Drawing Broken Coke Glass

The last of my Coke glasses bit the dust this week. Victim of an over enthusiastic, badly stacked dishwasher.

I bought four when we arrived in America, with not a cup, glass, plate or spoon to our name...and only three weeks before Christmas...when the snow lay thick on the ground...

ooo - I think I hear violins

But as it happened our luck was in. As you all well know EVERYTHINGgoes on sale before Christmas in America. This was the first indication I had that I was truly in a crazy foreign land. In Britain, we tend to leave our sales until January...or Boxing Day at the very least. When no-one has any money left...

hmmm...I'm beginning to see the light

So as my Dollar Store glasses have now served nearly thirteen years, I think they have earned the honor of being immortalized in charcoal.

Description : a Coca Cola glass lies broken and discarded, casting an eerie shadow on the wall behind

This charcoal still life drawing is part of the “Carbon Footprints” series.