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A trash heap with silver service?

the aliens have landed!

I am getting some great feedback from the “Carbon Footprints” exhibition at the Park Avenue Club

It seems people are really enjoying sipping their cocktails and munching their posh nosh, amongst my inedible remains and dusty discards.

The restaurant is for members only, so call ahead for a good time to visit the show between sittings : (973) 301-8233

April 16 - September 10 2012

Carbon Footprints Park Avenue Club 184 Park Avenue Florham Park, NJ

And Now for Something Completely Different

untitled life drawing

Working from a living, breathing model, with their own humor, quirks and personality is such a fantastic change from painting stale donuts and year old cheez doodles!

So for the past year or so, I have been ditching the doodles and sneaking off to a life drawing session on Friday mornings with the NJ Sketch Club.

The intense concentration required to look and draw for short bursts always requires more energy than I imagine and the challenge of trying to capture the essentials without overworking the drawing remains ever elusive. But it is these addictive qualities that keep me coming back for more

It is a fun, and sometimes frustrating way to spend a Friday morning, but I am always fascinating to see the different interpretations of my fellow sketchers.

Stop by and Meet the Artists this Saturday, May 5th 2-5pm

Exhibiting Artists: John Wolff, Florence Wint, Peter Allen, Jo Bradney, Claire Simon, Theresa Kubert, Ivan Bratko, Anne Picker, Lawrence Wlazlo, Frank Thropp, and Joel Tidey


April 27 - June 8 2012 NJ Sketch Club Presents : The Figure ~ Line, Form, & Shape Art @ 1275 Studio & Gallery 1275 Bloomfield Ave Building 1, Unit 3 Fairfield NJ 07004

Feast Your Eyes on This

Saved You One : charcoal and pastel

For April and June, I will have a solo show of work surrounding the acquisition, preparation, consumption and disposal of food.

The work captures those brief moments that often slip past unnoticed in our fast food lives, illuminating the things we have seen a thousand times, while cleaning the kitchen, preparing dinner or taking out the trash.

Thirty drawings and prints will be on display in the Madison Gallery of Morristown Memorial Hospital - the main corridor leading to the cafeteria. I wonder if my pictures will change the choices people make once they get there!

April 1 – June 3, 2012

Madison Gallery : Morristown Memorial Hospital 100 Madison Ave Morristown, NJ

Summer Tomatoes Sacrificed

Tomatoes Marching | 6x12" | oil painting | SOLD

Oh Most Caprious God of Weather I have sacrificed the juiciest red tomato in your honor Please bow your head in acceptance of this gift and send us a little sunshine today to illuminate our art fair And remind us all that summer really has arrived

(and if you could possibly send a few art lovers in need of a tomato painting by way of Caldwell, NJ that would be pretty sweet too!)

Saturday May 14, 10 – 5pm Art on the Avenue Bloomfield Avenue Caldwell, NJ

If the weather god rejects my juicy offering ... Rain Date : Sunday May 15

What Does a Cookie Know? Carbon Footprint #43

Cookie Consultation - charcoal still life drawing  |  SOLD

Despite multiple consultations, that darn cookie did not foresee last week's technical *hiccup* that crashed this blog. Maybe I was unwise to eat those Misfortune Cookies after all

So here is a belated wish that your Year of the Rabbit delivers multiplying health and happiness and breeds many creative opportunities

"Cookie Consultation" charcoal 12" x 10" For sale on Etsy

Last Chance to See...

Carbon Footprints

Carbon Footprints is drawing to a close and I would like to thank everyone who braved the truly appalling winter weather to come and pick through my trash

If you haven't made it yet, you still have a week to stop by : wind, weather, ice and thunder snow permitting

thank you for coming!

Last Chance : February 10th SOLO SHOW : Carbon Footprints Gaelen Gallery West Rt 10 East (look for the Gold's Gym sign!) Whippany, NJ

Making an Effort

Making and Effort : charcoal and pastel still life drawing

It seems it is time to reacquaint myself with my hairdresser to get the annual hairdo, for the artist's reception for "Carbon Footprints" is fast approaching

I hope you can suspend your New Year's resolution on Sunday 16th 11-1pm, to stop by and share in the celebratory pie, cookies and other naughty nibblies. (the celery, cottage cheese and cardboard diet will resume on Monday)

If distance and weather prevents you from enjoying a slice of frozen New Jersey, then kick back with a tub of ice cream and sample the show from your sofa at Carbon Footprints

Sweet and Sour : charcoal and pastel still life drawing

Artist Reception : January 16 11-1pm December 14 - February 10 2011 SOLO SHOW : Carbon Footprints Gaelen Gallery West Lautenberg Family JCC Rt 10 East Whippany, NJ

Dippy Eggs (Carbon Footprint #42)

Dippy Eggs and Soldiers | charcoal and pastel still life drawing | 16x12"

There is something elegantly simple about a soft boiled egg for lunch. It doesn't take a bunch of elaborate preparation; it's a quick shot of protein to sustain that "big push" through the afternoon slump, but most of all it stirs a childlike joy in being allowed to play with my food

Nourishment for body and soul

Sweet and Sour : Carbon Footprint #41

Sweet and Sour : charcoal and pastel still life drawing

It is a well tested phenomenon that 20 minutes after eating a Chinese meal, you want another one Seems it goes for drawing them too

During the last large still life drawing, I discovered that splendid orange shadow cast on the noodle box and knew it needed a picture of its own - more space to breath

I am loving this paper too - Johannot by Canson - it gives a very soft, velvety finish to the drawing that I really like. I am keeping working notes on all the papers I try in an online scrapbook. So if you are another weirdo who loves paper a little too much, then leave me a recommendation for your favorite at The Paperphiles

Hey, for some women it's shoes - me, I go weak at the knees in a paper store. I remember the day I found Kate's Paperie in New York - boy that was a good day!

(Actually, I quite like shoes too)

Description : Large charcoal and pastel still life drawing of left over sweet and sour sauce and Chinese noodle box