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Spit and Polish : shiny new art resume

Well, THAT was a busy weekend. I have been polishing up my resume for an upcoming show entry and boy did it take some polishing. So after digging through the archive shoebox of old programs and postcards I unearthed some nice juicy quotes to include - something I didn't realise I should do.

As I did not attend art school, I have always felt a bit embarrassed that there was nothing meaty to put under "Education".  I would wonder whether to gloss over the fact and leave out this section altogether and I was always rather glad that the Education section is traditionally at the end of the document. But after reading "Brag" by Peggy Klaus,I have decided to shout it out loud.

It is what makes me different.

It is my story.

It is the first and last paragraph, the framework for my new resume.