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Website Updates and New Etsy shop

This month I have been working on creating three brand new websites - hence the lack of Work in Progress posts. And nothing gets you looking at your own dingy wallpaper and old fixtures like visiting a newly decorated house. So has been getting a general Summer Sprucing too. (well... it's a bit late to be called a Spring Clean) The Carbon Footprints series that you have been helping to name each Friday now has its own page. Head on over to check out whether your suggestions inspired any titles. These charcoal drawings and giclee art prints are also featured in my brand new Etsy Store. In case you missed out on the 5" freebie print there are links to buy affordable 8x10 art prints and also for some small original drawings.

I will be adding a few more prints each week, so email me with a request for your favorite, or post a comment below.

I also have some pretty cool cards in the works - Alternative Baby Announcements, New Years / Christmas cards and Get Well cards for those of you who like a little irony with your sympathy. But I will, quite literally, "keep you posted" on their progress.