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Fries to Go : charcoal still life drawing (Carbon Footprint #37)

Proud Auntie Jo has been having a rather splendid few days back in Blighty to snuggle my new nephew; catch-up with friends and family and make a quick pilgrimage to the National Gallery to see Constable's Haywain (amongst other gems). And how do I celebrate returning to the frozen NorthEast?

Oh dear - large coke and fries to go (good job I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions really)

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fries to go - charcoal and pastel drawing

fries to go - charcoal and pastel drawing

charcoal and pastel still life drawing

Description : charcoal still life drawing of empty fast food wrappers, large coke and empty fries carton

This charcoal still life drawing is part of the “Carbon Footprints” series.