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What is it about Snow...

...that makes me want to snuggle down with a good book?

snow day
snow day

Is it the calm serenity of the snowy garden and gently falling snow?

Because my studio is currently the most uninviting, coldest room in the house? (note to self - fix the storm windows in the studio)

Or is it my furry reading companion?

snow day, snoring dog

snow day, snoring dog

Whatever the reason I have devoured the following in the last week

Sort of work related, as it does have "ART" in the title, but in the opening paragraph there is a jolly quote from 19th century physicist Thomas Young:

"The nature of light is a subject of no importance to the concerns of life or to the practice of the arts, but it is in many other aspects extremely interesting"

and he was quite right, extremely interesting indeed, and with lots of juicy art illustrations too.

vaguely work related, as it is about artists and making medieval tapestries...somewhat

Utterly self indulgent fiction, escaping to 18th century Cornwall to go romping with tin miners, lords of the manor and kitchen wenches

Just started this one, so pray for more snow and I'll let you know how it ends by Friday.