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oh boy that was fun!

Pan Pastels have a new range of really dark, muted colors that I think will work well with the charcoal - kerching! And they have these fabby lidded palettes for holding the containers whilst you're working - included with the set

Scrumptious Art Bins with lift out trays and a deep well for storage...and at that price I'll have two - kerching!

canvas canvas canvas, so I can get started painting again - kerching!

some lovely smooth sanded paper from UArt for pastel, charcoal and also color pencil it turns out (I know, I tried it) - kerching!

some new envelopes and mat cards designed specifically for my mini-drawings. Look out for a new note card series this summer - kerching!

samples of ampersand pastel board and clay board - FREE

sample of Canson Edition Print Paper, with my image printed on it - FREE Whitest white mat finish with no optical brightners for all you Printheads and Paperphiles out there

Faber-Castell pencil sample and juicy glossy catalogue for enthusing with the rep about how good their pencils are. FREE

A chance to put in my request for Faber Castell to make the block bars of color pencil pigment, like Prismacolor ArtStix.

Learned that Faber Castell pencils have bonded pigment throughout, which is why they rarely shatter when Lulu nudges them off the table and why you can get a nice sharp point on them.

News of an 8-ply mat cutter coming out this month from Logan (silent joyful jigging ensued)

And best of all - I got outta there for less than $100...just

MARRRRRRRVELOOOOOUS afternoon - Thank you Jerry's