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Charcoal and pastel still life drawing (Carbon Footprint #39)

purple chocolate box with green ribbon | charcoal and pastel drawing

Normally I wouldn't be able to resist the last chocolate, but Peanut Butter Cup - no problem. We end up fighting about who won't eat that one. But you know I couldn't resist that luscious purple box

No title for this one yet, so leave any suggestions in  a comment and I might just send you the last chocolate

Description : large charcoal and pastel drawing of an (almost) empty chocolate box, juicy purple box combines with pale green satin ribbon to leave a mouthwatering longing for the last chocolate...even if it is Peanut Butter Cup

22" x 30", charcoal and pastel still life drawing

This charcoal and pastel still life drawing is part of the “Carbon Footprints” series