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Sweet and Sour : Carbon Footprint #41

Sweet and Sour : charcoal and pastel still life drawing

It is a well tested phenomenon that 20 minutes after eating a Chinese meal, you want another one Seems it goes for drawing them too

During the last large still life drawing, I discovered that splendid orange shadow cast on the noodle box and knew it needed a picture of its own - more space to breath

I am loving this paper too - Johannot by Canson - it gives a very soft, velvety finish to the drawing that I really like. I am keeping working notes on all the papers I try in an online scrapbook. So if you are another weirdo who loves paper a little too much, then leave me a recommendation for your favorite at The Paperphiles

Hey, for some women it's shoes - me, I go weak at the knees in a paper store. I remember the day I found Kate's Paperie in New York - boy that was a good day!

(Actually, I quite like shoes too)

Description : Large charcoal and pastel still life drawing of left over sweet and sour sauce and Chinese noodle box