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And Now for Something Completely Different

untitled life drawing

Working from a living, breathing model, with their own humor, quirks and personality is such a fantastic change from painting stale donuts and year old cheez doodles!

So for the past year or so, I have been ditching the doodles and sneaking off to a life drawing session on Friday mornings with the NJ Sketch Club.

The intense concentration required to look and draw for short bursts always requires more energy than I imagine and the challenge of trying to capture the essentials without overworking the drawing remains ever elusive. But it is these addictive qualities that keep me coming back for more

It is a fun, and sometimes frustrating way to spend a Friday morning, but I am always fascinating to see the different interpretations of my fellow sketchers.

Stop by and Meet the Artists this Saturday, May 5th 2-5pm

Exhibiting Artists: John Wolff, Florence Wint, Peter Allen, Jo Bradney, Claire Simon, Theresa Kubert, Ivan Bratko, Anne Picker, Lawrence Wlazlo, Frank Thropp, and Joel Tidey


April 27 - June 8 2012 NJ Sketch Club Presents : The Figure ~ Line, Form, & Shape Art @ 1275 Studio & Gallery 1275 Bloomfield Ave Building 1, Unit 3 Fairfield NJ 07004