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Used Teabags and Spoon : charcoal and chalk drawing (Carbon Footprint #15)

charcoal drawing of used teabags and spoon
charcoal drawing of used teabags and spoon

Something a little new. This week I have added white chalk to the charcoal to create the crisp white string on the teabag and the silver spoon.

Now I have some experience under my belt, I have been re-reading the book that started me on the charcoal drawings - Drawing With Charcoal, Chalk, and Sanguine Crayon - to get some more tips and techniques. I like to read my favorite art books again and again to refresh my ideas.

And yes, I really do drink this much tea. In fact, rather more. This pile only managed to get me to lunchtime, before they were needed for the still life.

Now, spot of afternoon tea anyone?

Description : Charcoal and chalk combine in this contemporary still life drawing of used teabags and a teaspoon. Everyday objects transformed into art.

This charcoal still life drawing is part of the “Carbon Footprints” series