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Avocado Skin charcoal still life drawing (Carbon Footprint #17)

avocado charcoal still life drawing

avocado charcoal still life drawing

It wasn't until I started drawing that I realized quite how much space an avocado pit takes. There's hardly any room left for the flesh. Good job avocados are so darn tasty. The price per pound on that pit must be huge.

I like to scoop my avocado right from the peel for an afternoon snack. Or for a super fast dinner - sliced, with rare cooked ahi tuna steak...over wilted spinach salad...drizzled with mango dressing...

Oh yummy, now my mouth is watering. Is it dinnertime yet? How do you like your avocado?

Picture Description : Dramatic black and white charcoal drawing of an empty avocado skin and pit. Creating art from garbage.

This charcoal still life drawing is part of the “Carbon Footprints” series.

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