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Watermelon Rind charcoal and pastel drawing (Carbon Footprint #18)

Buy This Giclee Art Print on Etsy
Buy This Giclee Art Print on Etsy

It's amazing what you find when you clean up. I found a whole tin of Faber Castell pastel pencils that I bought on eBay ages ago, mistaking them for regular color pencils. They had been squirrelled away for a rainy day...and there have been plenty of those recently.

When I finished the charcoal drawing of watermelon rind, I realised that what I really loved about this still life set-up was the cool pink flesh contrasting with the acid green skin.

And then I remembered the pastel pencils. I quite like the subtle effect. I think it has the feeling of a hand colored old photograph.

Description : Humble, everyday watermelon rind is transformed into a sculptural, almost abstract piece of art in this delicate pastel and charcoal picture. Perfect artwork for your kitchen or dining room.

This charcoal still life drawing is part of the "Carbon Footprints" series. Affordable Giclee Art Prints available to buy on Etsy