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Pink Grapefruit Seduction

Pink Grapefruit, Undressing, small oil painting on paper  |  SOLD

I am fed up with waiting for the tangerines to go mouldy so they can feature in the next Carbon Footprint, so in the mean time I am treating myself to a burst of pink grapefruit. If they get their act together and time it just right, maybe they can all be in the same picture - a fuzzy citrus extravaganza

This is that seductive first spiral, when you dare to imagine that just this once you might get the whole peel off all in one go. Right before it breaks as usual Grapefruit skin is just too thick to create a slinky spiral The zetsy perfume wafting through the studio right now is quite seductive too.

"Pink Grapefruit, Undressing" signed, original still life oil painting on paper

image : 10.5” x 9” mat : standard 20" x 16" * easy to frame yourself *

For sale on Etsy