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"The Power of Art" pbs Art History series returns

The Power of Art - Simon Schama
The Power of Art - Simon Schama

Hooray!PBS is repeating my favorite art series "The Power of Art" by Simon Schama Without his book  The Power of Art I would never have gone to find the Turner paintings at Tate Britain...

and finding them absent (on a worldwide tour) I would never have taken the time to see "Colour and Line"...

and then I would not have spent a terrific afternoon sketching with Turner

"Colour and Line" documents Turner's experiments with new pigments, color theory and new printing techniques. And has fabulous sketching stations, where you can sit and study and copy Turner's landscape sketches. 

And now through the power of the www, you can visit from the comfort of your sofa!

I finally caught up with the wayward Turners at The New York Metropolitan, in the sublime exhibit celebrating his life's work, which I managed to visit twice before it made its way onward. In a neat little twist, I also managed to catch up with Simon Schama who started me on this journey. He was taking part in their Sunday lecture series and was also in the gallery afterwards.

In a very un-British, extreemly bashful moment, I managed to accost him in the gallery and thank him for writing this book and making the series. Without them I would not have found Turner

Nor have spent the day learning from the Professor of Perspective

The Power of Art is on PBS Channel 13 Sundays at 1pm EST This Sunday it is Van Gogh