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Primary Primer with Pears

It seems to have taken an age for this grumpy old badger to shake herself awake from an extended Christmas hibernation. And of course after all that snoozing the painting muscles needed to be warmed up, eased back into shape and given just a little gentle stretching. I went back to the basics by "paring" down my palette to concentrate on color mixing The slightly aging yellow pear left in the fruit bowl after the festivities, has been immortalized in these 4 quick oil studies painted using just 3 colors - Permanent Alizarin, Ultramarine Blue, Cad Yellow - & White. ** If you need a primer on your primaries, check out the cool video at the end brought to you by Sesame Street, and by the colors Red, Blue and Yellow

These paintings are on gessoed watercolor paper which I like to use for studies and experimental pieces. I snap up the watercolor paper pads on sale and then add 3 coats of gesso to protect the paper from the oil in the paint.

You can see larger images of the paintings on Etsy - click the pic to see a close up of all that juicy brushwork Or if you are interested in owning one...or perhaps A Pair?

Yellow Pear I - small oil painting
Yellow Pear I - small oil painting
Yellow Pear II - small oil painting
Yellow Pear III - small oil painting - 9x9"
Yellow Pear III - small oil painting - 9x9"
Yellow Pear IV - small oil painting 9x8"
Yellow Pear IV - small oil painting 9x8"

Put a little window of calm on your crazy desk for 2012

2012 desk calendar with mini easel

You can change the way we see our world. When the stuff we see everyday is illuminated, we wake up to the beauty around us and learn to take pleasure in the simplest things - a truly useful gift to give anyone this holiday

From the waft of fresh tomatoes on the vine in July to the comforting richness of hot chocolate and cream in dark November, the Everyday Illuminations calendar encourages you to take a mini meditation at your desk, a small but constant reminder to enjoy the moment

The 12 cards come with their own chic perspex card-case display, or a cute wooden artist’s easel. And if you want to reuse and recycle your own easel from last year, you can order the cards just by themselves

And to help share the joy, get free shipping - worldwide -  on everything in the store Just by typing SHIPIT in the coupon box at checkout - hurry coupon expires Tuesday Nov 15th

Take a peek at all 12 delightful mini meditations Etsy : Calendars Or see if your favorite new print is available in the store Etsy : Store (Psst - if it's not, just drop me a request -

Pink Grapefruit Diet : still on track

Pink Grapefruit, Split and Segmented, oil painting on paper  |  SOLD

Grapefruits are lovely squashed globes - never quite spherical until you unwrap them. I love that shucking noise they make as you split them apart, the delicate layer of skin tearing to reveal the juicy pink segment beneath and setting your taste buds tingling in anticipation

Still getting those delicious wafts of grapefruit permeating the studio - it makes a lovely change from molding trash I must say

"Pink Grapefruit, Split and Segmented" signed, original still life oil painting on paper by Jo Bradney

image : 10” x 9” mat : standard 20" x 16" * easy to frame yourself *

For sale on Etsy