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Color Pencil Art : Can you see what it is yet?

Color Pencil ArtWork in Progress - Day 1 I am back working on a new LARGE color pencil drawing, and it is so good to be back; to be able to stretch my elbows after the confines of a tiny miniature.

I used to be a bit daunted by all that white paper, but now it's like a clean empty room, just waiting for me to fill it up with beautiful color.

Picture measures 7.5" x 25", so a nice long skinny one.

I am using Fabriano Smooth Press 300lb watercolor paper, I think that is the same as Hot Press.

I measure the original photograph and mark the mid and quarter points. I then do the same on the large drawing. The sketch is freehand, but those measured points provide a framework to make sure I keep things on track.

I usually stand to sketch which enables me to see the overall picture, rather than getting stuck on details and helps me to check the angles with the photograph. It also means that I draw from the shoulder, rather than from the elbow or wrist, so the drawing stays looser.