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Studio Tour, South Orange and Maplewood

Radish Duo : color pencil

Alas - a previous engagement with a nephew in need of a squashing prevents me from attending this year's Studio Tour. I am sorry I won't be able to check out my friend Sarah Petruziello's brand spanking new studio, or to catch up with Jennifer' Takahashi's new large paintings,  smile at Florence Wint's fabulous new collages or enjoy Joy Yagid's latest photos

Maybe you can take my place this year

Sunday June 5 11-5pm Advance Tickets/Maps are available now

But even though I will not be posing as an honorary Maplewoodian this year, I will have work at two of the venues in downtown South Orange, perhaps making me an Honorary Orange-i-tang?

I would like to thank Ben from the very popular Kitchen a la Mode for clearing some space to show my kitchen and foodie flavored still life drawings and paintings. And when you are done there, take a hop over the road for a slurp of fresh squeezed lemonade at Stony's and sample the landscapes of  local artists Annette Kushen, Denise Hardie, Elaine Durbach and yours truly of course.

June 3- 6 Kitchen a la Mode 19 South Orange Avenue, South Orange, NJ 07079-1716

Summer 2011 Stonys 10 Sloan St South Orange, NJ 07079

Snow Goose Miniature Show

Across Sunset Pond, miniature color pencil landscape

I have been browsing through the Snow Goose Gallery's annual miniature show, and it seems some Celebratory Pie may be in order!

A mellow reminder of a summer's evening in Maine is off to a new home, to fuel some lingering daydreams or maybe to stir a few fragrant memories

You too can browse through the whole show online, and see if one of the mini treasures stirs something in your soul

May 1 - June 12 19th Invitational Exhibition of Fine Art Miniatures The Snow Goose Gallery 470 Main Street Bethlehem, PA

Flowers for Mothers Day

Presby Iris Gardens

Drop by the Preby Iris Gardens this weekend to sample the delightful show prepared by Mother Nature, then step inside to enjoy a gallery filled with small works of art inspired by her handiwork. Each piece of art will be under 12" and afforabley priced - a neat little package of beauty to brighten up any spot in your home...or as a last minute surprise gift for Mum

If you are in need of a mini garden retreat for your own summer daydreams, then check out my wee color pencil miniature landscapes included in the show

Reception : 6-9pm Friday May 6 May 6 - 10 Art in the Garden Presby Iris Gardens 474 Upper Mountain Avenue Montclair, NJ

Mini Florida Vacation ... I wish

Sun Kissed Palms : miniature color pencil landscape

Three of my mini landscape drawings are currently basking in the Florida sunshine. If only I was so easy to ship in a wee box, I would be there too, soaking in the balmy 73°  

I may have dug out the shades to prevent snow-blindness, but the closest I'm coming to a tan is windburn

If you're in the area 

1) Leave a comment bragging about how great you look in your shorts

2) catch some cool relief at the huge miniature show at Dunedin. Hundreds of tiny works of  art, all especially suitcase sized

January 9 - 30 2011 MASF 2011 Annual International Miniature Art Show Dunedin Fine Arts Center 1143 Michigan Blvd Dundedin, FL

Mini Art in Maryland this December

Cluster : small still life oil painting 6" x 6" | SOLD

Cluster : small still life oil painting 6" x 6" | SOLD

The fruits of this summer's labor will be in Maryland this December

You can see two wee oil paintings in "Small Wonders" at the MFA in Annapolis

And three mini color pencil landscapes will be in the "huge" miniature show in North Bethesda

Lordy! my art gets to see more of the country than I do

Across Sunset Pond

November 21 - December 30 2010 77th Annual International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature 10701 Rockville Pike North Bethesda, MD 20852

December 1 - December 28 2010 2010 Small Wonders National Juried Exhibition Maryland Federation of Art 18 State Circle Annapolis, MD 21401

Farewell to Summer?

LA Sunset, colored pencil miniature landscape

Two weeks ago I was cursing the humidity; oppressed by the ever singing cicadas and joyfully buying furry boots in anticipation of the glorious snows to come

But this week summer seems to be making a premature departure here in the Northeast US, and I feel slightly cheated. Surely there should be at least two more weeks before my house is full of crispy leaves and I risk being brained by an acorn just taking out the trash

So I wondered if a West Coast LA sunset, complete with sun-kissed palms, might conjure us up a few more weeks, maybe even an Indian Summer. pretty please?

In Celebration of Nostalgia

A Slice of Solent, miniature colored pencil landscape drawing

The first week in August usually finds me in a nostalgic mood and maybe just a wee bit homesick too. My hometown of Cowes, Isle of Wight awakens from its pleasant year long snooze to host an invading armada, aka Cowes Week Sailing Regatta

and everything just seems to double

The population, energy levels, entertainment venues, the noise, the price of drinks, the time it takes to get served at the bar...

For those of my friends who made it home this year, I trust you managed to raise a glass of Mount Gay for me - hope to see you next year!

Maplewoodstock - art extravaganza in the park

Delicious Respite : colored pencil landscape drawing

The last of my summer shows is fast approaching, (eek! this weekend) at New Jersey's Maplewoodstock festival in Memorial Park

I am setting up shop with my friend Joy Yagid, so drop by our tent for some delicious respite from the hurly-burly.

And if you come bearing snow cones or iced coffee, your welcome will be even warmer – and cooler!

July 10 & 11, 12 - 7pmMaplewoodstock Memorial Park Maplewood, NJ

Map for Memorial Park

Think "Blue Sky" for the Mayapple Festival

color pencil miniature landscape

Lets hope the sky will be this crystal clear for the Mayapple festival this weekend.

If you're the sort of weirdo that likes to get up at the crack of dawn for a marathon, then the runners are assembling at 6am. For the rest of us, the Mayapple Festival begins at 10am - time enough for a lie in and a bacon sandwich.

Nature hikes and a frisbee competition will be taking place throughout the day. And if you're in a more contemplative mood a nature inspired Creative Writing Workshop will be held at 2pm.

There will be also an Art fair featuring nature inspired art from local artists - including yours truly and fabulous juicy flower photographs from my friend Joy Yagid

If you are planning to stop by to say howdy...bring me another bacon sarnie

Mayapple Festival Activities

Date: Saturday, May 22, 2010
Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. – Festival
              6 a.m. – Ultra-Marathon       
Place: Essex County South Mountain Reservation
              Crest Drive
              South Orange, NJ