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Hire Me to draw a Portrait of your Home : Custom House Paintings

After an excellent article in Art Calendar Feb 2009 by Molly Crabapple - I have been working on a new "Hire Me" page to promote my House Portraits. I always enjoy reading Molly's contributions and often flick to those first. I can count on them to be stuffed with useful ideas and advise. Good and MEATY, tell-it-like-it-is prose...with lashings of gravy. - Yum - I've found one of the loveliest commissions to work on is the celebration of a family home - Mom and Dad get the original, perhaps as a retirement present, with prints for all your brothers and sisters.

There's no need to fix the place up either - Artistic License allows me to overlook anything you'd rather not immortalise. And if you've only just moved in and the only thing you're proud of is the front door...well I do those to. I'll even paint it a different color if you want and make "We've Moved" note cards to send to your friends.

You needn't limit your ideas for a commissioned drawing to just your beautiful home - how about capturing that favorite summer retreat by the lake; or the romantic view from your Honeymoon Hotel Window; or the magic of Grandma's spectacular garden. What place holds a special place in your heart?

If you are anything like me, you tend to have the best ideas three days before the event. So for all us Last Minute Geniuses there is also a Gift Certificate. So if you have maybe left it just a weeny bit late or you cannot obtain photos, the Certificate will come in an elegant presentation pack  - such an original house warming or wedding present. (rush shipping available)