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Who ate all my colored pencils?

Bags 2 - Sketch Bags 2 - initial shading

I must start off with an apology. I got so carried away listening to "Anthony and Cleopatra" by Colleen McCullough and the work was just flowing by, that I quite forgot to take an intermediary photo to show you, before getting stuck into real color. You can still see most of the purple under painting though.

I am working on Cold Press watercolor paper, which is rougher than I usually use. The texture is terrific for the paper bags, but it sure does eat up my pencils. I am down to a single stumpy nub on the Dark Indigo.

I also appear to have blown through my reserve stock of favorite colors which means, alas, a trip to Jerry's Art Store this week. What is a girl to do? Forced to spend the morning browsing through paper, testing the pencils and sniffing the oil paint. And then I suppose I will HAVE to have lunch at the Whole Foods just down the road. Such a trial.