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Seafoam Pastel Ripples Through the Enchanted Forest

embellished giclee, pastel and charcoal

Hoorah! I am very pleased with my first embellished giclee print 

Back in May, I was pondering whether to add color to the charcoal drawing of a forest. I was yearning to add magical color, but reluctant to give up the elegant black and white drawing... when it occurred to me that I could have both.

After scanning the original drawing at a high resolution (600dpi), I ordered large prints from Imagekind. Two types of paper looked like they might have enough texture to take the Pan Pastels I wanted to use. This one is my favorite, Somerset Velvet, with enough tooth to hold the pastel, with the luxurious feeling of working with a quality watercolor paper - yummy

(I am still working on the second print: too much texture for my taste, and less fun to work with)

Both the paper and ink  are archival quality, and these guys could get really big!  Up to 58 x 44 inches, although I'm not sure my easel would manage that, I'd have to work on the floor. That's it, Lulu is banished from the studio - doggie paws were not the kind of embellished prints I had in mind

I have a notion to do a set of 4 prints to represent the seasons at some point, but I am also taking requests. So please help me out and leave a comment with your favorite color scheme to inspire a creation - one dark color, one mid range and one highlight should be all I need

Description: Burgundy red and seafoam green pastel ripple through the woodland, adding enchanting mystery to forest shadows.

21 x 16 inches , pastel embellished archival giclee print, © Jo Bradney 2010 All Rights Reserved

Black and White Charcoal forest art print from Imagekind

Burgundy and Seafoam Pastel Forest art print from Imagekind

Free Shipping on Giclee Art Prints

It is the first weekend for fluffy blankets and hot chocolate here in the North East. And as I snuggle in, watching the Grand Prix and noodling about the internet, I'm looking around the room thinking we could do with some pictures in here. You might think that an artist would have no wall space left, but I find it hard to decorate with my own work when it keeps coming and going. Plus it's much harder to let it go if I think I own it.

Some pieces are too precious to ever sell - my first colored pencil drawing "Stolen Glimpse" for instance. It's the first thing I see in the morning...well second, after a wet dog nose and early morning wash. And some much loved pictures I have replaced with high quality giclee prints - not quite as lovely as the real thing, but a darn good substitute.

And then I find that my favorite art site, Imagekind, has a free shipping coupon to give me a helping hand with the Fall Clean Up. They must have read my mind.

They have terrific quality giclee prints on paper or canvas and all at very affordable prices. Plus you know that the artists are getting a fair cut too. These guys will even frame it - all I have to do is bang in a nail.

Free US Shipping Coupon Code : POPULARART09 Expires : Oct 4th midnight PDT

Here's a little taste of my favorites to get you started

linda plaisted "Loopy"
linda plaisted "Loopy"
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briggs - Funk Man
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cbjphoto - Colorful Slot
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simona balas - camera dulce (sweet room)

And of course - your's truly

jobradney - Tossed Salad
jobradney - Tossed Salad