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South Orange and Maplewood Studio Tour - June 6th


This year I am looking forward to being part of the South Orange and Maplewood Artists Studio Tour. Even though my actual studio is elsewhere, I have been made an honorary "Maplewoodian" for the day

I am borrowing the porch of a very kind friend to sit and color all day. So come by and feel free to ask any burning questions you may have involving pencil sharpeners and erasers.

No vacuuming, no emptying the trash, no squirrelling away all those things that really have no home BONUS!

A free shuttle bus leaves from South Orange or Maplewood Station at 11am and will make stops throughout the two villages. So Park and Ride, or just hop on the train from NYC Take a look at Nancy Tobin's review in the NY Times Local Edition to help plan your day

DATE : June 6th 11-5pm

PLACE : Maplewood and South Orange, NJ

TICKETS : $7 advance purchase, $10 day of the tour Buy Tickets and Map at :1978 Gallery and The Baird tickets also available on the shuttle bus see the website for full details of ticket locations


Look What Lulu Found in the Garden - Oh Deer


Nestled in the weeds at the side of my driveway, sheltering from the drizzling rain, the spindliest wobbliest little bambi.

Now I know it'll grow up to strip my garden faster than an all-you-can-eat buffet in a college town, but I'll gladly trade my hosta for such a joyful surprise on such a grey morning.

I'm so glad that I have reclassified my weeds as "volunteers" and left them to flourish and bloom in the autumn.

Today's Muse is brought to you by : Jack Frost (and by the number 6)

snow3 snow1



I have always had to take Hallmark's word for it that snowflakes are in fact delicate little lacy stars...until today. My reward for getting out and clearing the driveway was to be showered with these beautiful little wonders.

Please forgive a 30-something year old getting way too excited about snow, but a child growing up in England is deprived of many good snow days. Despite the fact that driving down treacherous hills and clearing a long steep driveway are more in order than snowmen and sledging these days, there is still a joyous bubbling in my stomach ever time the flakes start fluttering.

I hope there will always be magic in the snow.

Today's Muse is brought to you by Lulu a very elegant German Shepherd

Winter Sun Snack Time?

For the past month I've been meaning to photograph Lulu basking in the morning sun, but never quite got around to it. Today I was heading down to the studio to start a new painting, and instead of hopping into the warm vacant seat, Lulu starts padding around the studio and up and down the hallway like she does when she wants to go out. So I go back to let her out into the garden, but instead she jumps straight onto her bed and fixes me with a meaningful stare.

Today she wants her picture taken. Today she is a film star, not a shy teenager slinking out of the shot as quickly as possible. Today she is my muse.

Tomorrow she will be my Snacktastic Fluffbag of a dog again