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Flowers for Mothers Day

Presby Iris Gardens

Drop by the Preby Iris Gardens this weekend to sample the delightful show prepared by Mother Nature, then step inside to enjoy a gallery filled with small works of art inspired by her handiwork. Each piece of art will be under 12" and afforabley priced - a neat little package of beauty to brighten up any spot in your home...or as a last minute surprise gift for Mum

If you are in need of a mini garden retreat for your own summer daydreams, then check out my wee color pencil miniature landscapes included in the show

Reception : 6-9pm Friday May 6 May 6 - 10 Art in the Garden Presby Iris Gardens 474 Upper Mountain Avenue Montclair, NJ

In Celebration of Nostalgia

A Slice of Solent, miniature colored pencil landscape drawing

The first week in August usually finds me in a nostalgic mood and maybe just a wee bit homesick too. My hometown of Cowes, Isle of Wight awakens from its pleasant year long snooze to host an invading armada, aka Cowes Week Sailing Regatta

and everything just seems to double

The population, energy levels, entertainment venues, the noise, the price of drinks, the time it takes to get served at the bar...

For those of my friends who made it home this year, I trust you managed to raise a glass of Mount Gay for me - hope to see you next year!

Forest charcoal landscape drawing

charcoal drawing of forest landscape

oh - fun fun fun!

I was pondering about incorporating color with the charcoal, but there was something nicely ironic about drawing a forest landscape with a burnt stick. So I will live with it for a while, before I make any decisions.

Maybe I will make a few large giclee prints and try experimenting with adding color over the ink

hmmmm...  I think I have found my summer project

Look What Lulu Found in the Garden - Oh Deer


Nestled in the weeds at the side of my driveway, sheltering from the drizzling rain, the spindliest wobbliest little bambi.

Now I know it'll grow up to strip my garden faster than an all-you-can-eat buffet in a college town, but I'll gladly trade my hosta for such a joyful surprise on such a grey morning.

I'm so glad that I have reclassified my weeds as "volunteers" and left them to flourish and bloom in the autumn.